Camera System with Live Security Surveillance

Now a Surveillance Team has eyes on criminals from the second they step on your front yard.
Using multilayers of deterrence: 2-way speakers, strobing lights and the loudest siren on the market, surveillance agents take proactive steps to deter home burglaries and package thefts.

Next-Generation Cameras & AI:
Smart HD cameras create a virtual perimeter around the property of your home.
Coupled with Artificial-Intelligence, they can distinguish between a potential intruder and a car, dog or other non-threats.
They focus on what matters most – protecting your home and family.

Peace of Mind they’ll Have Your Back:
In a meeting? On vacation? Sleeping? No worries. Have the peace of mind that a real security personnel is watching the perimeters of your home 24/7.
And if the system detects something: AI or personnel detects anything suspicious, they will contact law enforcement in seconds. Guaranteed.

It’s What Police Have Been Asking For:
The Team developed a security system in consultation with 50+ police departments to create a comprehensive system.
Other security systems alert you or the police only after a break-in has occurred but this system is different - with zero false alarms and verified crime in progress, police are quick to respond.

10 Awesome features:

1) Monitoring: 24/7 Human Monitoring
Our human surveillance team monitors the perimeter of your home 24/7.

2) 10 Second Identification. Will identify a threat in under 10 seconds allowing agents to react and respond quicker than any other security system.

3) Real-Time Intervention: Should something suspicious occur, they’ll intervene in real-time. Speakers are used for setting off a siren and two-way communication.

4) 100% Verified Police Escalation. If necessary, they’ll contact police within 20 seconds. Reporting details of a crime-in-progress, police classify their calls as high priority.

5) Camera has 1080p (HD) Resolution: Stream in Full HD to your phone and law enforcement if needed.

6) Rapid Wakeup and Record. Camera goes from standby to record in <250 milliseconds. Wakes up only when you need it.

7) 130° Field of View. Camera has wide viewing angle, without any warping of vision.

8) 2-Way Audio for Intervention: Professional quality audio speakers and microphone allowing for 2-way communication.

9) Long Lasting Battery: Each battery lasts up to 2 months on a single charge. Charging station built into the Hub, so a fully charged battery is always available.

10) No Wires, Simple Setup: Single-screw, 1-step camera mounting, and zero configuration Wi-Fi.

Camera Specs:
2.56" (65 mm) width
5.18" (131.5 mm) height
4.41" (65 mm) depth
WEIGHT: 8.3 ounces
COLOR: Gunmetal
CONNECTIVITY: Wirelessly connects to Hub

Hub Specs:
5.64" (143.16 mm) width
4.67" (118.53 mm) height
WEIGHT: 1 lb and 4.3 ounces
COLOR: Gunmetal
POWER ADAPTER: 12V output, Supports 100-240V AC
CONNECTIVITY: Direct connection to Router (ethernet)

Surveillance Plans are additional to equipment cost. Plans are $49 per month or $488 per year (save $100)

Terms (Fine Print): Comes with 3 cameras and a hub. (Separate cameras may be purchased at an extra cost) You’ll be billed by security company directly upon activating your equipment. Do it your self install or professionally installed with us.
New/Used/Refurbished: New
Barcode / SKU: MIDPOINT100

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